Waters Co offer a range of water filters and water purifiers to ensure your drinking, washing and cooking water is clean and fresh.

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Water Filters, Water Purifiers and Water Coolers
Home water filters, drinking water filters and shower filters


Fresh. Convenient. Peace of mind. You’ll provide you and your family with clean safe water with our water filters and mineral pots. These include home water filters, drinking filters and shower filters.

Water makes up over 70% of your body. It is one of your most essential nutrients, it regulates the digestion and the br
ain and it lubricates the entire body. However, while it is critical to make sure our bodies get enough water, it also important the water we drink is safe - which is why water filters are important for your health.
Waters Co offer a range of water filters and water purifiers to ensure your drinking, washing and cooking water is clean and fresh.
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Ensure you have clean, fresh filtered water every time you shower with one of our shower filters. Tests have shown that your body can absorb more chlorine by taking a 10 minute shower than by drinking eight glasses of the same water. The mineral shower filter provides purified water - it removes chlorine (which removes protein from skin and hair) from water and and adds minerals, making the water gentle for your skin and hair.

 You can improve your health with our range of water filters and other water purifying products for your home or farm.

Waters Co. water filters and water purifiers will ensure you have clean fresh water whenever you want it, remove the impurities tainting your water, help reduce common allergies, provide an economical choice and require only simple maintenance. And they are unique in that they activate the water as well, by adding sea-based trace minerals.

Our unique water filtering and purifying systems ensure your drinking, washing and cooking water is clean and fresh.

Over recent years, there has been growing concern about the quality of tap water and water pollution. This can cause water to have an unpleasant taste or smell and even appearance. The chemical treatment and cleaning process contribute to this problem.
Fortunately, there is a solution - water filters. These purify and improve not only the taste and smell of tap water but also the quality by reducing contaminants. 

Waters Co. offers a wide variety of products from general home and office water filters and shower filters to whole house and rural filters and water purifiers.

We've been making water filter systems for more than 30 years. Our technology is proven. Waters Co. products, filters and water purifiers work the best. They're affordable. And best of all, you can order on-line today!

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